Web Development Tips

Anyone involved in web design and web development should know the things listed on this page. It was tough for us to put these things up in any of the other categories of our site, so we decided to create a dedicated page packed with all the web development tips we could think of. This page is ever-expanding, and sometimes lists back to other parts of the site - but it might just be one of the most vital parts of our site for a beginning webmaster to check before actually starting work on their site. Why? Well, keeping these tips in mind while building your site from day one will not only save you time and effort in the long run, they might mean the difference between having a succesful site, or having one of the millions of other pages on the web that gets one or two people visiting in every week.

If by any chance you landed on this page looking for more coding-related help, check out our HTML, PHP or JavaScript pages - this page takes a more holistic approach to web development!

The Tips....

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