Legal Information for Webmasters

We are not lawyers, and we don't claim to be. We're just people building web sites just like you - but we probably have a little more experience and background knowledge in important areas such as the legal aspects of running a web site. To share the knowledge we do have, we've decided to put up this section of our site with as much practical legal info and advice as we possibly can.

However, as we are no lawyers - we are just giving this information as-is. We try to verify everything, we try to talk to people who know for sure, but errors might still be in there. If your legal question is serious; please do contact an attorney or someone else that knows exactly what you need. Keep in mind; what's valid in one country, might not be in another. What works today, might not work tomorrow - and we can't promise you our information is valid at this current time, or in your country.

Legal Resources

Here's a list of on-site and external resources that can help you out. Again, we're not making any promises that every little piece of info is 100% reliable (we try, though!).

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